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How To Train A Quarter Horse For Racing

How to train a quarter horse for racing

If you are a horse man and own a well-bred and healthy quarter horse of about two years of age, then its time you learn how to train a quarter horse for racing. Training a horse to race demands great consistency and diligence, but worth saving the cost of hiring a trainer. Moreover, there is greater pride in being the winner and trainer of a winning horse.

To begin with here is a list of things you will need to commence the training;

  • Bridle
  • Girth
  • Saddle cloth
  • Snaffle bit
  • Closed reins
  • Exercise saddle with stirrups
  • Starting gates
  • Water
  • Hay

Once all the needed item is ready, you can continue to the training proper.

Do light jogging for two miles for the first two weeks after bridling and saddling the horse. Do this six days per week during the early stage.

When you notice that your horse breathes easily during the 2 miles jogging, you can push the horse’s workload up a bit. You can alternate jogging and gallop daily at this stage. Allow it to gallop a mile in a day and jog a mile the other day. Do this for three weeks until the horse still has reserved energy. Push further by galloping 2 miles one day and do light jogging the next for six days in a week

The next stage is to begin speed work. Jog your horse out for a mile and ask him for a full throttle going three furlongs. Repeat this every week for 10 switching the distance from three to four furlongs on each outing.

After training, unsaddle your horse at the barn and rinse him off in warm water. You can either hand walk him or put in on a hot-walker to calm his muscles and prevent tying-up – accumulation of lactic acid in his muscles.

After the horse has cooled out, place him in his stall and give him 5 gallon of water and two flakes of legume or hay. It is important that you do not feed your horse before cooling out as this may lead to colic.


Walk your horse through the open starting gates after he has regained his energy from the speed work. Allow the horse to stand in the runway with both the back and front gate open for some minutes. Repeat this exercise until your horse stands and walks through the gates.


Close the front gate of the runway and walk your horse into the runway and close the back gate. Allow him to stand still for a while in the closed runway. Open the front gate and prompt your horse to move out of the runway. Repeat this exercise every training period to build up to a full gallop exit out runway gate.

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