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Horse Training Tips


Horse Training Tips:  Choosing the Ideal Horse Trainer


Finding the right horse trainer that will be your partner is a key factor in achieving your dreams and goals in equestrian.  When you are creating a strong team, you should not only pay attention to your four-legged partner; your horse training partner can create a huge difference.  But choosing the right partner may be a daunting experience.  It is not that simple like an online dating site where you only have to list your wants, and the system will automatically find your match.  You will need to make some tough decision and comprehensive information if you want to find the trainer that is ideal for your situation.


Things to Consider When Hiring Trainer for Horse Training


  1. You are the Customer-Choosing the horse trainer is indeed a difficult decision; however, you still need to remember that it is a business partnership. You are hiring them to provide their expertise when it comes to horse training and in the event that you have made a poor decision then you can always cancel their service.  As a customer, you have the right to receive a quality service and as the owner, you are responsible in providing the best for your horse.


  1. Look at These Red Flags- Never base your decision on the popularity of the horse trainer. Just because they are a hot item today, doesn’t mean that they can address your particular needs.  In case you feel uncomfortable in doing business with the trainer or there are ways on their horse training that makes you feel uneasy, it may be better to walk away.  Also, refrain from dealing with a trainer who’s only doing it for money.  You need to guarantee that they have the same level of passion and interest.


  1. Critical Questions You Should Ask- After you successfully narrowed down your options; it is time to pay the horse trainer a visit. Find some time where you can watch them while they work so you can have an insight about their skills and knowledge in providing horse training.  You should also ask them the following questions:


  • Do they have a reference of their past clients?


  • How long have they been providing their horse training service?


  • What are their particular styles when training the horse?


  • Do they have a commendation, certification or other accomplishments?


  • Can they help you in realizing and reaching your equestrian goal?


  • What other services can they provide?


  1. Referrals- One perfect way to find an ideal horse trainer is by asking some of your colleagues in this field. Ask them about their past trainer and their experience.  If there is a local association of horse trainers, call them and ask them for a list.  Referrals from friends can help you a lot when you need assistance on horse training, or you are switching to other discipline.


These are the things that you need to consider when you are planning to acquire the service of the horse trainer.  This will serve as your guide and help you in finding a trainer that is suitable for your situation.

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