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Horse Breeding – Information on Foaling and Pregnancy


The truth is that horse breeding is a particularly specialized endeavor. As a matter of fact, the majority of horse owners are usually going to confront it only when they decide to purchase a horse from a breeder or when they take the decision to properly carry on the favorable bloodlines of a preferable mare or stallion. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that there is quite a lot to know when it comes to the process of horse breeding. From the very basics of estrus to the actual most favorable breeding days or a single day as well as pregnancy, specific gestation and many more – the field is overwhelming.


You would also have to be aware of the particulars of proper production of the perfect foal by making sure that you’ve chose the most adequate pare of breeding horses.


Interesting Facts


Interestingly enough, horse breeding can also get quite scientific – you can actually purchase reproductive material which stems out of a famous stallion or ensure that your own superlative horse produces enough material after physiological as well as serious genetic testing. What is more, you may decide to use a specific animal to be a broodmare in order to create a perfect offspring for sale or for you to keep it. In any case, this is a way for you to create a particularly stable genetic line and you can keep on doing this to breed healthy and physically attractive animals. However, keep in mind that protecting the health of the animal while the process of foaling takes place is going to require a completely different set of skills as well as relevant information.


Prior to Horse Breeding


Now, the truth is that the decision to breed your horse means that you are going to thoroughly evaluate his or her health as well as conformation as strictly as possible. You are going to want the resulting foals to be on the prime of their health and formed as properly as it’s possible. You would also have to consider the parentage as it is absolutely vital to getting a proper foal.

If you decide to go through this challenging process, it is best if you consult a professional first. Of course, this is provided you have no previous experience. However, you should also account for the fact that this is a daunting process which requires quite a lot of preparation and upfront information so that it could be carried out thoroughly.

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