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What it Takes to Excel in Horse Training

What it Takes to Excel in Horse Training


Training horses is a long and tedious process but can be very rewarding to the owner or the team associated with the animal. It is advisable to train your horse yourself so that the horse develops qualities and behavior that you desire and the bond between you and them becomes strong.




Horse training is a fun experience. It is even fun if you know what you are doing. It, however, is not a project or endeavor taken up by just anyone. You need to understand what it means to train a horse. Experience is one of the things you should consider. Availability in terms of time is another factor. Even if you have a professional trainer assisting you, you need to be present at least once in a while. If you would rather do training horses by yourself, at least consider seeking advice from an expert or a friend who has worked on this type of project before.




The horse needs to establish trust. Just like the way people work, horses need time to develop that trust with you. It does not happen immediately, it takes time. You have to have patience and determination if you are considering horse training. An owner who is absent in training sessions and is rarely involved in the process of training a horse is likely not to be trusted by the horse, just like a child who never sees his parent, how do you expect them to open up?




Leadership is a key aspect in training horses. You want to give instructions and send clear signals to your horse. This does not necessarily mean being bossy and aggressive with your approach. You want to not be hostile, but assertive. Again, let the horse trust you and understand that you are in control. The horses safety both physically and mentally should always be your first priority when conducting a horse training session. Exude self-confidence and awareness, and try and stay put, even if at some point things do not go as planned.




Just like any other project, you need to plan. Horse training works best if you have a neatly fashioned schedule. Break down the steps into even smaller, more achievable steps. If you are, say training on groundwork, it is wise to split it into more steps so that you work on each step with a unique focus. While planning your schedule, allocate sufficient time to each session and set realistic goals that are achievable.


Ultimately, becoming a good in training horses requires time and dedication. Once in a while, reward the horse after a good horse training session.

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